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Mythology says: Do not get married with these 4 types of women


Marriage is among the important cultures in human life. Everyone wants a happy married life. But marriage life will be good only if the partner is good. While marrying a person who will distribute love in the house and marriage should be selected as partner.

There have been many things written about female in Bishnu mythology. In the mythology it has also been written that 4 types of female are inappropriate for marriage. So, what are the types of women that no one should get married with.

1. Having harsh words:
It is said that Saraswoti lives in sweet words. It has been said in mythology that Saraswoti is always happy with a female who speaks sweetly. A woman who peaks harsh words also has similar habits. It is said in mythology that these kinds of women destroy the peace of house. It is better to not to get married to a woman who speaks harsh words.

2. One who is related to parents
You should not get married to a relative. In Bishnu mythology it has been said that a chaos will strike if one gets married to a woman who is related to their parents. Even scientists have said the same thing. It has been said in scripture that it is possible to marry a relative only after 7 generations.

3. Woman who is related to an evil man:
Woman who have already been in relation with other men before marriage and who is related to an evil men are claimed to be inappropriate according to the mythology. Marrying these kinds of women can cause trouble in life. Try not to get married with a woman whois related to an evil man.

4. Lazy/ one who sleeps till late:
Awoman being lazy is inappropriate according to mythology. According to the mythology, woman who is lazy and sleeps till late is a symbol of sloth. A sloth woman will never be able to do the works of home properly. Laxmi does not live in a dirty house. A person who sleeps till late is also not healthy.


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