Hey Human, Its me nature

Human is only one creature responsible for destroying the nature

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Dear Human,

 What are you so busy at? You are not answering my call. I see you have read the message but you never reply. Everything look okay with you but why are you being reluctant to chat with me or be in touch with me. Don’t ignore me my child.

Have I done anything wrong so you have shunned all means of communication? Or Have  I treated you so badly than my other creation? Have I ever disappointed you dear?

I have always loved you dear human. You are my best creation all I can be proud of. I took me more to craft you, to make you the finest creature. It embeded you with power of thinking. I made you survivor. Your are the hero of all my creation. That’s why I send you to Earth. To nurture it.

Hey Human, lately I see you  misbehaving. I warned…

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Chakrapani Bhandari (Chakra Jwala), Freelance Writer and a Scientific Blogger. B.Sc. Microbiology, Amrit Science College, Tribhuvan University Kathmandu Nepal. Email: chakra.jwala@gmail.com Website: www.chakrapanibhandari.com.np

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