unexpected time travel : bardia national park

unexpected occurrence

I’ve been told many times that Bardia (also Bardiya) National Park is Chitwan National Park 30 years ago.

Slightly off the beaten track, Bardia National Park is a little hidden gem amongst travelers in Nepal.

Even if travelers have heard about it and become interested in it, as soon as they see the only way of getting there (on a backpacker budget) is a 16 hour bus ride from Pokhara, it gets crossed off the list of must-see’s. For the record, there’s also a $190 USD plane ride and two hour taxi way of getting there (not backpacker budget friendly).

I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the bus ride and planning on going to touristy Chitwan, but over the course of one day and very little persuading, I had a bus ticket in my hand to Ambassa, the village closest to Bardia.

My friend Emma and I hopped on the bus, which left at…

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Chakrapani Bhandari (Chakra Jwala), Freelance Writer and a Scientific Blogger. B.Sc. Microbiology, Amrit Science College, Tribhuvan University Kathmandu Nepal. Email: chakra.jwala@gmail.com Website: www.chakrapanibhandari.com.np

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