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How to write a field visit report

Here is a sample, how to write a field visit report for BSc. Microbiology 4th year Tribhuvan University Nepal.   Report on Field visit to BPKIHS Dharan     Submitted to Department of Microbiology Amrit campus Tribhuvan university    

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How to present multimedia class

This is a sample for Multimedia Presentation on Medical Microbiology. A Multimedia Presentation  on  Shigella By Chakra Bhandari Bikram Shrestha Amrit Science College, Department Of Microbiology  Tribhuvan University Nepal Introduction: Shigella is named after the Japanese microbiologist Kiyoshi

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एन्टिबायोटिक रेसिस्टेन्ससँग लड्न नेपालले के गर्ने ?

एन्टिबायोटिक रेसिस्टेन्स नेपालमा मात्रै होइन विश्वव्यापी समस्या बन्दै गइरहेको छ । केही समययता विकसित र विकासोन्मुख मुलुकमा एन्टिबायोटिकको प्रयोग यसरी गरियो कि त्यसैले समस्या निम्त्याउँदै छ । बेलैमा सोचिएन भने, हामीले भोग्ने समस्या भयावह हुन समय लाग्दैन । चिकित्सकहरुले सामान्य भन्दा सामान्य समस्यामा एन्टिबायोटिक सिफारिस गरिदिए भने परिणाम आगामी दिनमा भोग्नुपर्ने हुन्छ ।

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Many children are dying from easily preventable and treatable diseases such as diarrhea and/or dysentery, and acute respiratory infections. Of the various infectious diseases, intestinal parasitosis alone constitutes one of the major public health problems in Nepal. Roughly, over 60% of Nepalese are infected with one or more than one species of parasites

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यसैले म ‘शुक्ष्म जीवविज्ञान’ पढ्दैछु……

कल्पना गर्नुहोस्, अहिलेको अवस्था कस्तो हुन्थ्यो होला, यदि विज्ञानले ‘एन्टिबायोटिक’ पत्ता नलगाएको भए? लुइज पाश्चरले ‘पाश्चराइजेसन प्रक्रिया’ विकास नगरेको भए? अथवा ‘शुक्ष्म दर्शक यन्त्र’ अहिलेसम्म नबनेको भए? ………

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Harvard student develops technique to diagnose cancer from a single drop of blood

What if a physician could effectively diagnose cancer from one drop of a patient’s blood?? Harvard student Neil Davey, A.B. ’18, has developed a technique that pushes the possibility of non-invasive cancer diagnosis one step closer to reality. Davey recently

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TYPES OF CULTURE MEDIA Media are of different types on consistency and chemical composition. A. On Consistency: 1. Solid Media Advantages of solid media: (a) Bacteria may be identified by studying the colony character (b) Mixed bacteria can be separated.

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